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(Please note these prices do not apply to Dr Anne O’Connell (Specialist Children’s Dentist) please contact the practice directly for her prices)

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Dental Examinations
Dentist Examination€60
Checking the health of each tooth and the supporting gum tissue. Oral cancer exam. Includes photographic records if required.
Adult Exam with Scale & Polish€95
Examination (as above), Scaling, Stain removal & Polishing
Scaling with the Dentist€70
Student Exam with Scale & Polish (Full time undergraduate)€75
PRSI Examination (Including intraoral radiographs as required) 1 Per YearFREE
PRSI Scale & Polish with dentist (1 per year)€15
Preschool & School Child Exam & Cleaning€50
Checking the health of each tooth, Checking orthodontic status, Tooth cleaning, Preventative advice i.e. Diet & Oral Hygiene
Specialist Paediatric Appointment (Children's Dentist) Dr. Anne O'Connell€150
Initial Hygienist Appointment (60 mins)€120*
Gum disease assessment, Treatment of gum disease, Scaling, stain removal and polishing, Oral hygiene & diet advice, Smoking cessation advice if required.
Maintenance/ Recall Hygienist Appointment (30/45 mins)€85
Treatment of gum disease, scaling, stain removal and polishing, Oral hygiene & diet advice, Smoking cessation advice if required.
School Child's Hygienist Appointment€50
Root Cleaning with Hygienist (per 1 hour visit)€145*
Fissure Sealants (per tooth, guaranteed for 2 years)€35
Digital Small€15
Digital Panoramic (full face)€50
Silver Amalgam
Small€80 - €95
Medium€95 - €125
Large€125 - €155
Composite (tooth coloured)
Small€95 - €110*
Medium€110 - €135*
Large€135 - €165*
Full Tooth Coloured Filling as an alternative to a crown€165 - €250*
Adult Extractions€95 - €145
Surgical€150 - €250
Tooth Whitening
At Home Tooth Whitening package with Custom Trays€295
Top Up Refill for Home Tooth Whitening€20
Opalescence Go Whitening Trays€125
Prosthetics (Dentures - Upper or Lower)
Full denture€1150
Chrome Cobalt denture€1250 - €1500
Partial Plastic Denture€550 - €850
Rebasing Existing Denture€350
Precision Attachment€780
Valplast Flexible Denture€750 - €850
Denture Repairs
Without Impression€75
With Impression€75 + lab fee
Chrome Cobalt RepairsP.O.A
In Surgery Repairs€145
Gum Shields€75
Treatment of Night Grinding with Tanner Appliance Therapy
Full Assessment
Provision of Appliance€750*
(Includes 2 follow up appointments for further adjustment)
Hard - Soft Night Guard€395*
Soft Night Guard€150*
Root Canal Treatment (Fee includes x-rays & filling)
Front Tooth€495*
Premolar€495 - €580*
Emergency 1st stage root canal prior to referral€150*
NB: Please note that the majority of root filled teeth will require a crown and possibly a post & core
Post & Core€180 - €250*
Crowns€800 - €980*
Depending on materials used & aesthetics required
Maryland Bridge€950 - €1500*
Fixed Bridge per unit€800 - €980*
Composite Veneers€250 - €350*
Porcelain Veneers€800 - €980*
Dental Implants
Implant Retained Crowns€1100 - €1450*
Depending on the degree of difficulty and aesthetics required + cost of surgical placement to be agreed with surgeon.

* = Treatment is Tax Deductible

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